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langkah langkah membuat robot

Posted by pratamastory on August 24, 2008


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ASIMO, a humanoid robot manufactured by Honda.

ASIMO, a humanoid robot manufactured by Honda.

A robot is a mechanical or virtual artificial agent. In practice, it is usually an electro-mechanical system which, by its appearance or movements, conveys a sense that it has intent or agency of its own. The word robot can refer to both physical robots and virtual software agents, but the latter are usually referred to as bots.[1] However, there is no agreed definition as to which machines qualify as robots, and which are just machines.

Throughout history, people have tried to make robots, but only in the 20th century that technology became advanced enough to create fully autonomous machines with the ability to make decisions of their own. Today robots are in widespread use in factories, welding, assembling and packing, and are beginning to appear in homes too. There are a huge variety of robots helping us in medicine, space, the battle field, and helping scientists study intelligence and learning.

Despite the huge advances in technology of the last century, robots are still nowhere near as capable as the public imagination believes. Both mentally and physically, robots are still slow, dim-witted and clumsy.


3 Responses to “langkah langkah membuat robot”

  1. marcius said

    slamat pagi bapa/ ibu yang terhormat.
    dari mana progam mem buat ROBOT itu?
    atau bisa minta tolong

  2. saya copy dari wikipedia…disana juga telah dicantumkan penulisnya..
    apa yang bsa saya tolong????
    hub saya via email di pratamastory@gmail.com

  3. bono said


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